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Questions and Answers to some Frequently asked questions

What is the cause of Swimmers Itch?
Several species of parasites known as blood flukes (all in the genus Schistosoma) are known to cause swimmers' itch. The adult parasites live in the bloodstream of a host animal, which may be a bird, fish, turtle or muskrat. The adults produce eggs which are released from the host and are subsequently ingested by snails. A free-swimming larva later emerges from the intermediate-host snail looking for a suitable host animal. If it encounters one, it burrows through the animal's skin and enters its bloodstream, completing the life cycle. If the larva encounters a human, however, it attempts to invade but is unable to get further than penetration of the skin. The human immune response rapidly kills the fluke, which releases an allergenic substance that causes the characteristic rash.

What as a Waseca resident can I do to improve Waseca Lakes
Residents can take actions such as limiting the amount of lawn fertilizer used or stenciling storm sewer inlets to make people more aware of where their water is going. Such efforts may seem small individually but the cumulative impact can be very significant.
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What Causes a Lake to Winter Kill such as Loon Lake in 1999/2000?
As most of us know oxygen is essential to the life of aquatic organisms but there are many factors that affect the oxygen production or deficits that occur in our lakes over the winter.
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What is the main cause for the mid summer algae blooms in the lake?
High levels of phosphorous, decline of the natural vegetation, and the dominance of the exotic curled pondweed are the main culprits. It is estimated that one pound of phosphorus can produce up to 500 pounds of algae in systems where it is the limiting nutrient.
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